Frequently Asked Questions

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All grillz orders are custom made and there may be times of the year where production may take a little longer than normal. Please be aware that there are ongoing delays with shipping couriers and shortage of materials worldwide due to the Covid-19 impact.

Turnaround is approx 30-50 Business Days from when we receive your impression back, though it might be a little longer.

The time it takes to get your impression to us is not included in this time. We recommend to get your impression back to us ASAP.

We request that all of our customers be patient. With orders going all the time, there will be orders in front of yours to fulfill first. Each piece is custom made by hand and this process cannot be rushed.

With each order you will receive 1 free at home impression kit for you to do your impression. 

Additional impression kits can be purchased online if you require. 

We also accept impression and stone models made by your local dentist. If you are having trouble with your impression we highly recommended getting it done at a dentist. 

During the mold process we emphasize on the importance of a good mold.  

If you have any fitment issues feel free to reach out to us and we will guide you through how to make minor adjustments.  

You may also mail the grillz back to us and we can make the adjustments accordingly.  

Please note, we take no responsibility of any grillz not fitting due to an incorrect impression. If your grillz doesn't fit because of an incorrect impression you will be required to purchase again.

Please view the How To Clean Your Grillz page to know how to clean your grillz.

Sterling Silver Grillz will oxidise and tarnish much quicker than 10kt Gold Grillz. PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE OR VAPE with Sterling Silver pieces.

Sterling Silver Grillz will require more frequent polishing, this can be done by us for $50 excluding shipping or any local bench jeweller.

Take care of your grillz like you would any other piece of jewellery you own.

We highly recommend that you do not:

  • Smoke or Vape with any set
  • Eat with them in
  • Drink anything besides water with them in

This will help keep your grillz in good condition.

We do not take any responsibility to how you care and use your grillz.

Shipping & Returns

Mouth House doesn't offer any returns or refunds for any Grillz orders, Tooth Gem Products & Training courses.

Processing and fulfillment can take up to 7 business days. Please keep this in mind before purchasing. While we do our best to get orders out as soon as possible depending on the current order volume, public holidays etc will affect fulfillment times. 

We cannot guarantee any shipping times at this moment. Delivery of parcels are still being delayed and affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We kindly ask for your patience in the matter.

Tooth Gem Training

Yes you can!

Our Tooth Gem Training is all Online which enables you to complete the training from anywhere in Australia and Worldwide!

We ship out starter kits all around Australia, New Zealand and the US. 

Don't see your country on check out? Contact us and we can help you out :) 

Our Tooth Gem Training course has been developed to ensure that you learn everything you need to successfully apply Tooth Gems to your clients and equipping you with ALL of the information possible to help you succeed. 

With over 2 years of Tooth Gem application experience we can guarantee you that you will finish without any question left answered. 

We also provide you with lifetime access to the training so you can refer back to all the information at any time. 

Units Covered:

  • How to Study Your Course
  • Course Terms and Conditions
  • What's In Your Starter Kit
  • Etching & Priming
  • Dental Bond
  • Product Safety Data
  • Tooth Anatomy
  • About Your Tooth Gems & Charms
  • Who Cannot Have Tooth Gems
  • Recommended Pricing
  • Safety and Hygiene
  • Insurance
  • Consent Forms
  • Using Your Curing Wand
  • Setting Up Your Area
  • The Application Process 
  • How to apply different designs
  • Disco Ball, Chandelier Training
  • Submissions
  • Problematic Tooth Gem Applications
  • What to do when your clients gem falls off
  • Client Aftercare
  • FAQ's
  • The Removal Process & Why you cannot offer this. 
  • Wholesale Access 


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