Can I have grillz with a permanent retainer behind my teeth from braces?


Can I have grillz with a retainer is one of the most popular questions our team here at Mouth House gets asked. The answer is YES! Here at Mouth House we manufacture all grillz to fit the exact impression provided.

We have more client's that have permanent retainers than not. Having this retainer does not affect the fit and the outcome of your dream grill piece. 

Just check out this video below of how snug these single caps are with a permanent retainer!

Ordering your grillz set is super easy from anywhere in Australia and even worldwide. Find the exact style you want via our website and purchase. Once you have purchased we will send you out an impression kit so you can do your impression at home and send it back to us. Once its in our hands we can get started on your custom made grillz set.

Check out some of our most popular sets here > 


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