How can I get Permanent Gold Grillz?

Are you wanting to get permanent gold grillz/crowns but not sure where to start?

It is important to know that permanent gold grillz are more commonly known as crowns. Crowns and permanent grillz can only be installed by a registered & licensed dentist. So how can Mouth House help you get a permanent set of gold grillz or gold caps?

Here at Mouth House we can make and manufacture your permanent gold teeth for you. Once you have them made you can take them to your dentist to have them permanently installed. 

We do recommend that you speak with you dentist before ordering a set to ensure that they are happy to install them for you. 

Permanent Gold Grillz are ONLY made in 18ct Yellow and White Gold via custom order and special request. Our standard grillz pricing for on our website is for clip in grillz only. 

If you would like to know more about permanent golds, pricing and how to order you can send us an email at

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