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How Effective Is Home Teeth Whitening?

Disappointed with your home teeth whitening kit? The team at Mouth House Gold Coast teeth whitening studio is not surprised!  

Typically, the rise in popularity of any expensive cosmetic treatment will lead to inferior knock-offs hitting the market. The same can be said for teeth bleaching and LED teeth whitening for beauty purposes, with a host of sub-standard cheap do-it-yourself products available online, landing on supermarket and pharmacy shelves.

Not only are these home products relatively ineffective if you’re looking for dramatic whitening results, they come with the added risk of potential chemical injury to the mouth, gums and enamel.

Not So Convenient

Home teeth whitening is labour-intensive, using cumbersome uncomfortable trays daily to achieve the same results that an in-chair appointment can do in an hour.

Consumers would have to block out certain periods of their days not only to use the time-consuming device, but to ensure they don’t eat foods likely to stain their teeth for the duration of the treatments.

With home treatments likely to take weeks, this can mean a great inconvenience to personal routines. Statistics have shown that once a person has whitened their teeth at home, they’re less likely to want to go through all the fuss again.


Teeth Whitening at What Cost?

The appeal for most in-home teeth whitening kits is they claim to be a cheap and convenient way to slowly whiten your teeth. Some people may even be tempted to use a home kit because they’re worried going to a dentist may be too painful, regardless of the cost.

However, home whitening results only last about a month. Therefore, if you want to maintain a dazzling smile, you can quickly add up the cost of whitening at home, with kits costing between $79.99 and $250 a pop.

Over time, a home whitening kit will take almost 20 hours of use – that’s a disciplined 15-30 minutes a day for 1 to 3 weeks – to achieve the 2 to 5 shades lighter teeth. This means no talking while the gel and trays are in your mouth. Believe it or not, this is quite difficult to maintain unless you’re at home by yourself for days on end.

While all DIY teeth whitening kits guarantee results, there are variations in how successful these results are. If you’re not happy with the results you’ve achieved with your DIY kit, fortunately there are cost-effective alternatives at Mouth House Gold Coast teeth whitening experts, which lasts up to 6 months at a time.

In-Chair Teeth Whitening at A Fraction of The Dentist Price

The team at Mouth House offers comfortable and cost-effective in-chair teeth whitening treatments, which return your enamel to between 5 to 14 shades lighter than when you walked in the door to our Gold Coast teeth whitening studio.

While consumers may think home whitening kits are more convenient, when you add up the time spent, potential hazards, poor results and unwillingness to whiten again in the recommended timeframe to maintain a brighter smile, are they worth it?

It’s an awful lot of bother to go to for a less-than-gleaming result.

Contact the highly trained, friendly teeth whitening technicians at Mouth House in Labrador on 0403 454 065.


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