I Want Whiter Teeth! Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Anyone who is considering teeth whitening on the Gold Coast may be concerned about stories of intense pain during and after the procedure.

If you’re feeling squeamish about your pain threshold, fear no more!

The technicians at Mouth House teeth whitening studio in Labrador can assure you that our 1-hour process is a lot less painful than a trip to the dentist. Dentists use higher doses of peroxide and while this obviously achieves more rapid results, it’s at the cost of tenderness in your mouth.

At Mouth House, we use a cosmetic grade hydrogen peroxide formula to whiten teeth, whereas cosmetic dentist treatments apply about 25% plus, which can trigger anyone with nerve sensitivity. Many people who’ve endured a dentist whitening process often complain of continued tooth sensitivity long after the procedure.


Avoid Painful Mishaps at Home 

If you’ve tried using a DIY teeth whitening kit at home, you may have come unstuck when it came to applying the formula or an ill-fitting tray, resulting in chemical burning of your gums or skin around the mouth. Not only can this leave sore and uncomfortable areas until they heal, it can expose your gums to the risk of infection from the high levels of bacteria in your mouth.

If the chemical concentration is too strong, it can corrode the soft tissue and cause irreversible gum recession, which can lead to eventual loss of teeth. 

Some people have suffered anxiety when it comes to having the formula in their mouths for such a long time. The risk of swallowing the gel is increased when you have to insert the trays for up to 25 minutes at a time.

Enjoy Smiling Again with Whiter Teeth

Some people don’t even realise how yellow their teeth are until they have a professional teeth whitening treatment. Say goodbye to coffee or nicotine stains on your teeth in the comfort of one of our Mouth House chairs.

While most at-home kits only achieve between 2 to 5 shades lighter results, Mouth House teeth whitening has provided happy clients with rapid, 1-hour treatments, resulting in between 5 to 14 shades whiter smiles.

Increasing the whiteness of your smile can have a dramatic impact on your appearance, with many customers saying they feel they look younger after their teeth whitening treatment.


Stay Within Your Comfort Zone

Our technicians take great care to monitor your progress throughout your Gold Coast teeth whitening procedure, as we carefully apply the gel formula and position the LED light. We check in with you to make sure you’re feeling comfortable during the entire process.

Achieving a whiter smile doesn’t have to be painful, so contact our qualified technicians on 0403 454 065 and talk to us about brightening your smile.