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Wearing White On Your Big Day – Don’t Forget Your Teeth!

Have your hen’s party at Mouth House! Give yourself and your bridal party the best wedding gift of all – a group booking teeth whitening session on the Gold Coast.

Start your hen’s event with the glittering gift of fast, comfortable and effective teeth whitening to ensure everyone’s smile is beaming on your big day.

Book an initial group appointment at least 2 months in advance at Mouth House Gold Coast teeth whitening studio to whiten your own and your bridal party’s teeth then organise a top-up session the week before the wedding for optimum results.

Not only will you save on the cost of a group booking, your bridesmaids will love you for a teeth whitening treatment that will last long after the wedding – bonus! 

Extra People, Extra Savings 

Group discounts apply from as little as 2 people, with the more people you book the bigger the savings overall. So, whether you have a large bridal party or it’s just you and your beloved, you can benefit from a joint appointment.

Everyone wants to look good in photographs, so let the whole family know they, too, can enjoy the savings of a pre-wedding day teeth whitening group booking. The process is so simple and less messy than DIY at-home kits, as well as being much more effective.

Grab your favourite people and make a fun day of travelling together to our Labrador teeth whitening studio and enjoy our fast and effective treatments all together.

Perfect Wedding Pics Without Photoshop

At-home kits can only promise to lighten teeth up to 5 shades whiter, while our Mouth House technicians can help you achieve a dazzling white smile up to 14 shades lighter than your current enamel.

Our teeth whitening is less harsh than having your teeth whitened in a dental chair, whereby practitioners use about 25% peroxide, which can cause more discomfort

Add Teeth Whitening to Your Wedding Plan

 If you’re wondering what to gift your bridal party, kill two birds by including your loved ones in all the joy and gifting them brighter smiles. You’ll need to book at least 8 weeks before your nuptials for maximum results.

With so much to plan for your wedding, the last thing you want is to be chasing up your husband-to-be’s cousin to make sure she’s made it to the teeth whitening chair. A group booking is a convenient way to ensure everyone is sticking to schedule and has their teeth whitened simultaneously. It’s also a fun way to bring your loved ones together – with positive results for everyone, not just the bride and groom.

The way it could go without a whiter smile

Cameras flash and your smile is on display in your beautiful wedding dress on your magical day. But wait! Discoloured teeth are making you feel self-conscious, so instead of beaming at your guests in your deliriously happy state, you’re making a kind of grimace trying to hide your teeth.

With plenty to plan for your wedding, don’t forget your smile!

Ditch the discoloured dilemma and contact Mouth House Teeth Whitening on the Gold Coast today on 0403 343 065.

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