Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast

Eyelash Extensions are a cosmetic application used to enhance the length, curl, fullness and thickness of your natural lashes. Made from synthetic silk, meaning they can hold their curl for up to 2 months. 

Eyelash Extensions can last up to 6 weeks with proper care and maintenance. 

Handmade Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast

Classic Full Set - $79 | Infills based on time

Hybrid Full Set - $99 | Infills based on time

Volume Full Set - $130 | Infills based on time

Pre Made Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast

3D Full Set - $79 | Infills based on time

6D Full Set - $110 | Infills based on time

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Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast Russian Volume Lash Extensions


Why should I get Eyelash Extension? Eyelash extensions just require a quick brush in the morning and you can go about your day. No need for any mascara or trying to put on false eyelashes.

What size or volume should I get? Lashes range from 3D volume to 10D volume. For a more natural and light everyday look Classics and 3D are they way to go. These provide amazing results without being over the top.

If you want Kim K lashes 6D, Volume & Mega Volume are the set you're looking for. They will give your eyes a bold statement. 

What aftercare is needed for my Eyelash Extensions? Lash extensions cannot get wet for 24 hours, this is because the glue is still setting. After 24 hours you must brush your lashes every morning and night. 

It is essential to clean them with OIL FREE products to avoid buildup on the lash line. Make sure you use a silk pillow case or lay on your back so you avoid pulling them out in your sleep.

When Should I get Infills? Infills are essential when maintaining your eyelash extensions. We do lash infills by the time. Generally 30 minutes will equate to a 1-2 week infill. 45 minutes - 2-3 week infill. 60 minutes - 3-4 week infill. 

Extensions 40% or less retention will require a removal and a full set. This will generally happen at around the 4 week mark, some can be earlier.