Grillz | Gold & Sterling Silver Grillz Australia.

Grillz are your solution if you're looking for something with a perfect fit and a bit of customisation. Grillz have been around for a while and commonly popular with music artists all around the world.

Our Custom made grillz come in Yellow Gold, White Gold & Sterling Silver. We also have iced out grillz with cubic zirconias or diamonds!

All of our grillz styles are fully customisable to suit your style! You can can mix and match different styles together to create your own unique set of grillz that no one else has!

We have over 20 different styles of grillz to choose from and counting! 

Our grillz are completely removable & we do not offer any permanent grillz or caps. Please visit your local dentist to discuss your permanent options. 


Please note: If you are local and wish to come in store you will need to contact us and make an appointment. We do not take walk in's. We cannot do your impression for you instore, we can guide you to do one yourself or you can provide us with an impression done by your local dentist. 

How can I order my Grillz?

We offer Australia Wide Orders on all of our Grillz. Simply just browse our online store for all of our grillz styles to choose from. Choose your style and place an order. 

If you have a custom order please email us directly at

Each order has 1 free impression kit included. If you are unable to get the perfect impression with your kit, you will need to visit your local dentist for your impression. It is vital your impression is correct for your grillz to be made perfectly. 

We also have payment options such as Afterpay, ZipPay and Laybuy.

What if I have missing teeth?

You are in luck! We can offer grillz if you have missing teeth. Missing teeth grillz orders are custom orders so please email us at

There are a few requirements needed to get a grillz piece with missing teeth. You will need to get at a minimum 1 tooth behind and 1 tooth in front of your missing tooth.  

How To Take Care of Your Gold & Sterling Silver Grillz?

The care for your grillz is the same as you would for any other piece of jewellery. It is highly recommended that you DO NOT eat, smoke or drink with your grillz in. 

Smoking especially will tarnish your grillz very quickly. This can generally be removed with a professional clean and re polish but not guaranteed. We take no responsibility for any damages caused by the customer. 

Do not use jewellery cleaner as it may not be non toxic. If you have an at home ultrasonic cleaner this is a great way to clean your grillz. 

How to clean Grillz:

  1. Wash in warm water
  2. Grab a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean away any bacteria
  3. Fill a glass with alcohol free mouthwash
  4. Soak for 5-10 minutes
  5. Remove and rinse under warm water thoroughly
  6. Pat dry with a clean microfibre cloth
  7. Polish with a soft cotton microfibre cloth or jewellery polishing cloth.
  8. Store you grillz in a protective hard case/box