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Teeth Whitening Gold Coast

Achieving a dazzling white smile is easy when you book into Mouth House teeth whitening studio on the Gold Coast.

Over time, the consumption of colour-dulling foods, as well as infamous teeth-tarnishers coffee, tea and red wine, can lead to tooth discolouration, while certain prescription drugs and the course of ageing can increase these darkening effects.

If done properly, teeth whitening can be a safe and easy, non-invasive treatment to return your enamel to its lighter shades. Your teeth look cleaner, resulting in a brighter, more beautiful confidence-boosting smile.

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Teeth Whitening Service | Mouth Hosue Teeth Whitening Service | Mouth House Teeth Whitening Gold Coast | Mouth House


This treatment is performed in 3 x 20 minute sessions in one sitting and will have your teeth 5-14 shades whiter. Top ups are required 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment for long lasting results. Depending on your starting shade, our technicians will recommend either 4 or 6 weeks.

Standard 1 Hour Session - $199

Ultra White Session (2x 1 hour sessions. 1 week apart) - $299

Top Up Session - $99

Couples Standard Session - $299 (session is for 2 people at the same time)   

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Teeth Whitening Gold Coast | Mouth House Teeth Whitening Gold Coast Teeth Whitening Gold Coast

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

In this social media-oriented generation, a mere blemish on your face can send you into a tailspin, let alone imagining what impact the spiralling effects of a dull smile can have on your self-esteem.

Like a visit to the hairdresser when you walk out with your new ’do professionally styled, teeth whitening has a similar effect on your confidence. The impact of a great smile is always welcome, especially if you’re on a date, delivering a presentation at work or simply meeting a mate for a catch-up.

Knowing you look good tends to help you relax more naturally. When meeting friends or colleagues, this can result in you being more mindful, rather than worrying about how you appear to others, which in turn helps you enjoy the occasion much more.

At Mouth House, we understand that when it comes to your face, your smile is what people focus on most. We want to give our valued Gold Coast customers the chance to enhance their look with teeth whitening to achieve a stunning attention-grabbing smile.

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