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Tooth Gem FAQ

How long will my tooth gem last?

Tooth gems are not permanent and they can last anywhere from 6 - 12 months with the appropriate care. The longevity of your gem varies person to person. If your gem falls off within the first 3 months we will re apply once for free.

What crystals do you use>

100% Genuine Swarovski Crystals and 22k Gold Tooth Charms

How are the gems applied to the tooth?

Gems are safely applied with a high-quality dental bond. The bond is non-allergenic and there is no risk for infection.

How do I care for my gem?

It is vital to follow the after care instructions provided by our tooth gem technician to ensure you get longevity out of your gem

Can I put a gem on my veneers

No, gems can only be applied to natural teeth.