Tooth Gems Gold Coast

Mouth House is the first shop on the Gold Coast and even Australia to offer Tooth Gems. Tooth Gems were made popular in the 90's and now are on the come back as one as the coolest and hottest trends in Australia. 

Tooth Gems are safely bonded to your teeth with a high-quality dental bond. The application process is safe, painless and non-invasive. No drilling, no marks and no damage to the tooth enamel. 

The process is a quick 15 minute application. Tooth Gems are suitable for males & females from the age of 16 +.

We use 100% genuine Swarovski Crystals and 14 - 22k Gold Charms. 

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1 Gem - $69
2 Gems - $120
3 Gems-
4 Gems - $190
Disco Ball
- $200
Chandelier Tooth - $200
Swarovski Shapes - $120
Swarovski Butterfly - $199

18k Tooth Charms - $199 each limited to stock.

Tooth Gem FAQ's

How long will my tooth gem last?

Tooth gems are not permanent and they can last anywhere from 6 - 12 months with the appropriate care. The longevity of your gem varies person to person and the given time frame is no guarantee.

If your gem falls off within the first 6 weeks we will re apply 1 time for free. 

What crystals do you use?

100% Genuine Swarovski Crystals and 14-22k Gold Tooth Charms.

How are the gems applied to the tooth?

Gems are safely applied with a high-quality dental bond. The bond is non-allergenic and there is no risk for infection.

How do I care for my gem?

It is vital to follow the after care instructions provided by our tooth gem technician to ensure you get longevity out of your gem

Can I put a gem on my veneers?

No, gems can only be applied to natural teeth.