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Aqua Bohemica Non-HotFix Flat Back Crystals

Aqua Bohemica Non-HotFix Flat Back Crystals

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18ct Gold Charms Made in House

1 Pack Contains 25 x Aqua Bohemica Non-Hotfix Glass Lead-Free Crystals Per Pack.

Aqua Bohemica Non-Hotfix Tooth Gem Flatback Crystals are a true reflection of elegance and charm. These exquisite crystals bring a bohemian allure to your smile, combining a captivating aqua hue with an intricate flatback design.

The Aqua Bohemica crystals feature a mesmerizing shade of aquatic blue, reminiscent of tranquil waters and refreshing serenity. Each crystal is meticulously crafted with precision and care, ensuring exceptional clarity and brilliance. The radiant sparkle of these crystals adds a captivating allure to your smile, making it truly stand out.

These non-hotfix flatback crystals are the perfect choice for enhancing your dental fashion. Their flat back design allows for easy attachment using dental adhesive, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The smooth surface of the crystals feels gentle against your lips and tongue, providing a seamless and enjoyable wearing experience.