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Silicone Mouth Retractor

Silicone Mouth Retractor

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Say goodbye to the painful plastic retractors and say hello to comfort! No more uncomfortable teeth whitening sessions for your clients. 

These 100% food-grade silicone retractors provide ultimate comfort for your client during their teeth whitening and tooth gem sessions. 

Silicone retractors are 100% reusable and can be cleaned, disinfected and sanitised each use. 

These retractors can be placed in an autoclave at 135 degrees celsius for 15 minutes & are dishwasher friendly (on their own cycle, top shelf only). 

How to Clean & Sanitise

- Rinse and wash the retractor with fragrance-free dish soap to remove any saliva/makeup/lipstick/blood or contaminants. 
- Place the clean retractor in an Autoclave/Dry Heat Steriliser or Steam Steriliser (such as a baby bottle steriliser). 
- Allow the retractors to air dry before use.