• Grillz Care Tips

    Wearing grillz is just like wearing any form of jewelry. There are potential safety and sanitation issues involved. As long as you maintain proper...
  • How to Clean Your Grillz

    HOW TO CLEAN GOLD GRILLZ Rinse your piece under lukewarm water. Take a soft-bristled brush and brush the inside and out of your piece with modera...
  • Wearing White On Your Big Day – Don’t Forget Your Teeth!

    Have your hen’s party at Mouth House! Give yourself and your bridal party the best wedding gift of all – a group booking teeth whitening session on the Gold Coast.

  • I Want Whiter Teeth! Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

    The technicians at Mouth House teeth whitening studio in Labrador can assure you that our 1-hour process is a lot less painful than a trip to the dentist. Dentists use higher doses of peroxide and while this obviously achieves more rapid results, it’s at the cost of tenderness in your mouth.
  • How to Achieve Whiter Teeth Faster, Without the Pain

    Mouth House offers affordable, painless teeth whitening solutions on the Gold Coast for people who want to achieve amazing results.