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I Want Whiter Teeth! Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

The technicians at Mouth House teeth whitening studio in Labrador can assure you that our 1-hour process is a lot less painful than a trip to the dentist. Dentists use higher doses of peroxide and while this obviously achieves more rapid results, it’s at the cost of tenderness in your mouth.

Wearing White On Your Big Day – Don’t Forget Your Teeth!

Have your hen’s party at Mouth House! Give yourself and your bridal party the best wedding gift of all – a group booking teeth whitening session on the Gold Coast.

How Effective Is Home Teeth Whitening?

Disappointed with your home teeth whitening kit? The team at Mouth House Gold Coast teeth whitening studio is not surprised!  

Typically, the rise in popularity of any expensive cosmetic treatment will lead to inferior knock-offs hitting the market. The same can be said for teeth bleaching and LED teeth whitening for beauty purposes, with a host of sub-standard cheap do-it-yourself products available online, landing on supermarket and pharmacy shelves.

Not only are these home products relatively ineffective if you’re looking for dramatic whitening results, they come with the added risk of potential chemical injury to the mouth, gums and...

How to Achieve Whiter Teeth Faster, Without the Pain

Mouth House offers affordable, painless teeth whitening solutions on the Gold Coast for people who want to achieve amazing results.