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Grillz Mastery Online Training

Grillz Mastery Online Training

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Elevate your skills and expand your offerings with Mouth Houses Grillz Mastery Online Training! Whether you're looking to diversify your services or are a newcomer eager to enter the industry, this comprehensive course is your gateway to mastering the art of crafting grillz. No prior knowledge is required – we'll guide you through every step, ensuring your success in this lucrative field.

🌎 Who Is This Training For?
Perfect for individuals worldwide. Grillz Mastery Online Training welcomes anyone with a passion for jewellery crafting.

🛠️ What's Included:
Full equipment lists for each step
Supplier recommendations and sourcing guidance

In-depth guidance on:

  • Taking precise impressions
  • Stone modelling from impressions
  • Waxing up grillz using the hot wax method
  • Crafting diverse wax-ups for various styles
  • Diamond setting techniques with setter recommendations
  • Understanding hallmarking for authenticity
  • Exploring metals used in grillz
  • Casting company recommendations
  • Finishing and polishing your casted grillz step-by-step
  • Applying finishing effects like diamond dust, cuts, and more
  • Valuable tips, tricks, and business recommendations
  • Streamlining payment processes and customer order forms
  • Outsourcing strategies for efficiency

🚫 What's Not Included:
Diamond and stone settings 
Casting techniques & how to do your own casting (future training available)
Support - packages available separately

Upon purchase, you will be automatically sent log in details within 24 hours of sign up. The training is hosted via Teachable. Please ensure to check your spam/junk mail for these emails. 

Transform your passion into expertise with Grillz Mastery Online Training! Enrol now and gain the skills, knowledge, and business acumen needed for success in the grillz industry. Don't miss this opportunity – start your journey today!