Swarvoski Crystals vs Preciosa Crystals

Swarvoski Crystals

Swarovski is the leader in the production of precision-cut crystals that are used in the fashion and jewellery industry as well as in the world of lighting design, architecture and interior.

 Swarovski crystals have become an indispensable material for the creations of international designers. Swarovski crystals are recognised as the highest quality man-made crystals in the world

What are Swarovski crystals made of?

Unlike natural crystal, such as quartz or amethyst mined from the Earth, Swarovski crystals are man-made, created from a combination of natural minerals and pure quartz sand.  

The key ingredient for Swarovski's crisp, clear, and ultra-sparkly crystals was the addition of lead. Originally created with a 32% lead content in order to maximise light refraction or the disco-like rainbow prism effect, that dances within the crystal.

In 2012 Swarvoski launched their Advanced Crystals which are lead-free. 

Advanced Crystal

Swarovski crystals are now considered to be "Lead-Free", as it contains .009% (90ppm) of lead or less. (0% lead is not technologically feasible as there are inherently traces of lead in the environment.)


Advanced optical measurement and high-precision manufacturing deliver premium cuts characterised by unmatched brilliance.


Preciosa is a world-leading producer of cut crystal, specialising mainly in the production of machine cut chatons, beads and other fashion jewellery stones of top quality and in a broad variety of shapes, colours and sizes.  

Preciosa is known worldwide for its unique PRECIOSA®Hi-Pure Crystal TM technology. The PRECIOSA® Genuine Czech Crystal™ trademark is a guarantee of the finest quality Czech product available.

What are Preciosa Crystals made of?

Preciosa Crystal Components are made from a compound of the purest silica sand, sodium, potassium carbonate, minium and other materials. These are melted at extreme temperatures, the resulting mixture from which we mould, cut and polish our components.

Using only the finest raw materials combined with our own cutting-edge Preciosa® Hi-Pure Crystal™ technology, ensuring that our crystal components are unmatched for their optical-aesthetic properties, including more intense fire effects, more frequent scintillation, and higher brightness and brilliance.

Lead-Free Preciosa Crystals

Maxima by Preciosa® Lead-Free Brilliance Maxima is the premium Preciosa® Genuine Czech Crystal™ lead-free* quality.

It is the state of the art in crystal components and meets the highest standards of quality and ecological certification. Maxima uses the most advanced crystal technologies together with several internationally patented processes to create a unique combination of sparkling material and brilliant, patented cut.

MAXIMA’s optical-aesthetic properties are by far superior to most other lead-free glass components on the market today. Its much-improved cut also makes it instantaneously identifiable.


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