Tooth Gem FAQ's

Is it painful?
No, the process of a tooth gem is painless and non-invasive

Is it reversible?
Yes - your local dentist can remove the gem safely for you.

We do not recommend trying to remove the gem yourself as you can damage your teeth and take no responsibility for any damages caused by the client.

How long does the application take?
10-15 minutes for a single gem. Multiple gems, disco ball & chandelier designs up to 30 minutes.

What crystals do you use?
Swarovski Crystals & Preciosa Crystals Lead Free Crystals.
18k Solid Gold Tooth Charms.

How are they put on the teeth?
Gems are safely applied with a high-quality dental bond. The bond is non-allergenic and there is no risk for infection.

Are they permanent?
No, tooth gems are semi-permanent.

How long does a tooth gem last?

The longevity of a tooth gem is dependant on many factors and the same timeframe isn't guaranteed for everyone. 

- Technician's experience & training
- The application technique
- The quality of the gem used
- The position on the tooth where the gem is placed.
- Correct tools used
- If there was any moisture on the tooth when applying or not
- Client's tooth integrity and dental health
- Client's genetics
- Client's aftercare.

A tooth gem should last anywhere from 3 months - 2 years.

Can I whiten my teeth with a gem?
Yes, you can whiten your teeth with a tooth gem. When the tooth gem falls off it is unlikely that there will be any signs of discolouration where the tooth gem used to be.

It is recommended to get your tooth gem applied 1-2 weeks after an in chair whitening session. 

Can I have a tooth gem if I wear a retainer?
If you wear a clear retainer that covers the whole tooth, you will not be eligible to receive a tooth gem.

If you have a removable wire retainer that runs along the front of your teeth you will be eligible to get a tooth gem. Your tooth gem will have to be positioned in a spot your wire retainer doesn't touch.

Does the gem need special care?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind for the best longevity possible:

- Avoid Excessive and hard brushing.
- If you use an electric toothbrush, do not put pressure on the gem with the toothbrush turned on.
- Avoid using Charcoal based teeth whitening products and toothpaste. The abrasive nature can affect the bonding of your gem. 
- Be mindful when eating or biting into hard foods (ie. hard candy, applies etc) depending on the placement can cause the gem to come off prematurely.
- Avoid placing any pressure on the gem or playing with it.
- Grinding of the teeth can cause gems on the bottom fall off. 

Will my gem fall off?

Yes, eventually they will fall off. The lifespan of the gem is never guaranteed. Realistically you should get 3-12 months.

There are many variables that affect it, particularly the health and strength of your tooth enamel and dental hygiene habits.

When your gem falls off you will have the remaining bond left on the tooth. The bond will cause no harm or damage to the tooth if left on. The remaining bond can be removed by your local dentist on your next dental check-up.

Can I put a gem on my veneers?
No, gems can only be applied to natural teeth.

Can I apply tooth gems to my client's invisible aligners?
Client's should check with their dentist or orthodontist first before proceeding with tooth gems on their aligners. Doing so could void any warranties or guarantees offered to the client with the invisible aligners.



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