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Max 9 High Powered Curing Wand

Max 9 High Powered Curing Wand

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When it comes to state-of-the-art tooth gem technology, the Max 9 High Powered Tooth Gem Curing Wand is in a class of its own. Engineered for precision, efficiency, and unmatched performance, this remarkable dental tool is designed to elevate your tooth gem practice. Discover the future of dental curing with Max 9.

Key Features:

1. Class 2 Instrument Classification: The Max 9 is a Class 2 medical instrument, meeting the highest standards for safety and efficacy in dental care.

2. High-Capacity Battery (2600mAh): With a powerful 2600mAh lithium battery, this wand offers extended usage times, ensuring you can perform dental procedures without interruption.

3. Adjustable Light Intensity: Tailor the curing process to your precise requirements with light intensity ranging from 1000mW/cm² to 2500mW/cm². Achieve optimal results for a variety of dental applications.

4. Broad Wavelength Range (385nm-515nm): The Max 9 provides a comprehensive wavelength range, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of dental materials for reliable curing.

5. Overvoltage Protection: Built-in overvoltage protection guarantees the safety of both the operator and the patient, making it a trusted choice for dental professionals.

6. Lightning-Fast Curing: Cure 2mm of resin in just 1 second, thanks to the Max 9's high-powered performance. This quick solidification minimizes procedure time and maximizes patient comfort.

7. Two Operating Modes:

  • P1 High-Intensity Mode (1s & 3s): Achieve a light density of 2500mW/cm² for swift, precise curing.
  • P2 General Intensity Mode (5s, 10s, 15s, 20s): Choose from multiple curing durations with a light density of 1200mW/cm² for flexibility in your procedures.

8. Lithium Battery with International CB Certification: Our advanced lithium battery holds an 85% higher capacity than other curing wands, ensuring extended use and reliable performance.

9. Constant Light Intensity: The Max 9 maintains consistent light intensity, regardless of the battery's capacity, guaranteeing uninterrupted curing.

10. Overheating and Battery Performance Protection: Built-in safeguards protect against overheating and battery performance issues, providing peace of mind during dental procedures.

11. Exceptional Battery Life: Enjoy a remarkable 5-year battery life, making the Max 9 a cost-effective and durable investment for your practice.

12. Charging Indicator: Stay informed about your wand's charging status with a blue light while charging and a white light when fully charged.

13. 1-Year Manufacturing Warranty: Your Max 9 High Powered Tooth Gem Curing Wand includes a 1-year manufacturing warranty. Keep the included slip to ensure the warranty remains valid. Please read the warranty - physical damages like dropping & breaking are not covered.