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Tooth Gem Applicator with Storage Tin & 2 Additional Tips

Tooth Gem Applicator with Storage Tin & 2 Additional Tips

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Introducing our Wax Tip Tooth Gem Applicators, the perfect tool for effortlessly applying tooth gems with precision and ease. Whether you're a gem technician or someone looking to add a touch of sparkle to your smile at home with a DIY kit, our applicators are designed to deliver exceptional results.

This Wax Tip Tooth Gem Applicator offers exceptional control and accuracy. The lightweight handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to maneuver the applicator with ease and precision. Its durable construction ensures long-term use, making it a reliable tool for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

The highlight of this deluxe set is the steel storage tin, specially designed to keep your applicator and additional accessories organized and protected. The tin is compact and travel-friendly, making it convenient to carry your tooth gem application tools wherever you go.

As a bonus, we've included two extra wax tip heads with the set. These spare heads offer added convenience and flexibility, allowing you to easily switch between wax tips if needed. Whether you prefer a fresh tip for each application or want to keep a backup for future use, these extra heads ensure you're always prepared.

Our Wax Tip Tooth Gem Applicator Set is suitable for a variety of tooth gem applications, whether you're adding a single gem or creating intricate designs. The wax tips securely hold and transfer gems of various sizes and shapes, ensuring precise placement and a secure bond to the tooth surface. You can confidently create stunning tooth gem looks with professional-like results.

Colour will vary.