Grillz Care Tips

Wearing grillz is just like wearing any form of jewelry. There are potential safety and sanitation issues involved. As long as you maintain proper care of your grill and yourself, there’s no reason that you should have any issues at all. Here are a few safety tips you need to know. 

Remove Your Grillz Whenever You Can
If you have removable grillz, make sure that you take them out and clean them regularly.

- Always remember to remove your grillz before eating any food.
- Never sleep while wearing the grills, since bacteria can get trapped inside and cause decay issues.
- Daily cleanings will make sure to get rid of any bacteria or food debris that may have gotten caught.
- When cleaning, avoid jewelry cleaning products, or anything that might be dangerous to ingest. 
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Avoid Glue or Adhesives
Some people will use glue or potentially dangerous adhesives to fix their grillz to their teeth. This is a very bad idea, since glue can do severe damage to both your teeth and your gums.

If you have to, make sure the adhesive is safe for the mouth such as polident. 


Regular Tooth Maintenance
If you do wear grillz, that means that you need to be more vigilant than most about your regular dental health. All of the regular rules apply, but it’s particularly important that you don’t break them.

Brush vigorously, regularly, at least twice a day, and make sure to floss every day. Make sure you stay on top of your dental health when you choose to wear grillz.


Mind Your Materials
Know what it is your grillz are made of. Some materials could potentially do serious harm to your teeth; never, ever get a grill made with a metal that’s known to cause allergic or skin reactions.

Gold is hypoallergenic, so things like 10ct will generally be better options than ones made with non-precious metals. Whatever material you get, if you start to react, immediately take the grill out and get the reaction checked out.

Be safe and responsible, and your grillz won’t cause any issues.

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