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How to Order Custom Grillz from Mouth House: A Comprehensive Guid

Ordering your very own set of custom-made grillz from Mouth House is a straightforward process. We cater to customers in Australia and around the world, providing personalized grillz sets to suit your unique style.

  1. Explore Our Website:

    • Begin by visiting our website to browse the selection of grillz sets available. We offer a wide range of styles and options to cater to your preferences.

  2. Select Your Preferences:

    • Choose the metal type and carat you desire for your grillz set.
    • Specify the number of teeth you want for your set. Customization is key, and we're here to make your vision a reality.

  3. Add to Cart & Checkout:

    • Once you've made your selections, add the grillz set to your cart. Afterward, proceed to the checkout page.

  4. Payment Options:

    • At Mouth House, we offer various payment methods to make your ordering experience convenient. You can choose from options like Afterpay, ZipPay, and Humm.

  5. Free At-Home Impression Kit:

    • As part of our service, we'll send you a complimentary At-Home Impression Kit. This kit will be essential in creating a customized grillz set tailored to your teeth.
    • With this impression kit you will also recieve an order form where you can state exactly what teeth you are after. 

  6. Impression Process:

    • Follow the provided instructions to create impressions of your teeth using the At-Home Impression Kit.
    • Send your impressions back to us as soon as possible to kickstart the production process.

  7. Turnaround Time:

    • The turnaround time for your custom grillz set is approximately 4-6 weeks from the date we receive your approved impressions.

  8. Delivery:

    • Rest assured that once your grillz set is crafted, inspected, and fit-checked, it will be promptly sent to you.

Additional Information:

  • Please note that the turnaround time begins when we receive your approved impressions. The sooner you send them, the quicker you'll receive your grillz.

  • We do not offer expedited orders, as all grillz sets are made in the order we receive impressions. It's a "first in, best dressed" system.

Turnaround Times:

  • The approximate turnaround time is 4-6 business weeks, excluding weekends. Keep in mind that Mouth House's manufacturing team is not located at the same place where we pack and ship orders, which can sometimes result in shipping delays.

  • Shipping delays can also occur without notice and explanation from Australia Post.

Grillz Fitting:

  • All our grillz sets are custom-made and fitted according to the impressions received. The quality of your impressions is crucial.

  • We cannot work miracles with subpar impressions. If you encounter difficulties with your impressions, we highly recommend visiting a local dentist who can assist you.

  • While 90% of grillz sets fit perfectly upon arrival, some pieces, especially single teeth, may require slight adjustments and tightening for the best fit. We can provide guidance on how to do this yourself in most cases.

Ordering custom grillz from Mouth House is a breeze, and we're here to ensure your satisfaction every step of the way. Whether you're in Australia or anywhere in the world, our team is dedicated to providing you with a personalized and stunning grillz set. Make a statement with your smile, and let Mouth House make it happen.

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