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Preciosa Navettes

Preciosa Navettes

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18ct Gold Charms Made in House

Oval 'Navette 'Shape Gems are perfect for a single application and butterfly design or as a part of a large custom set. 

Size - 4mm x 2mm
Quantity - Pack of 10

Tooth Gems Only. No bonding products are sold with these items. Due to the nature of these items and the tooth gem service, no returns are accepted on these items. 

MAXIMA Crystals By Preciosa® is the lead premium branded European crystal and is the perfect alternative to Swarovski Lead-Free Flatbacks. 

The MAXIMA range can reflect up to 264 unique rays of light, the most of any competing stone on the market, making this the world’s most brilliant crystal for sparkling Tooth Gem applications.