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Tooth Gem Curing Wand (pre order)

Tooth Gem Curing Wand (pre order)

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Key Specifications:

1. Rapid 1-Second Curing Light: Our Tooth Gem Curing Wand boasts a lightning-fast curing time of just 1 second, ensuring quick and efficient dental treatments that save you time and leave your patients with a lasting smile.

2. High-Intensity LED (10W): Equipped with a powerful 10-watt LED, this wand delivers the ideal light intensity required for optimal curing, ensuring exceptional results.

3. Versatile Working Modes: The wand offers three versatile working modes, allowing you to tailor the curing process.

4. Time Adjustable (1-40 Seconds): With an automatic light shut off at 40 seconds, you can use the light for however long your needs require. 

5. Long-Lasting Battery (2200mAh): The built-in 2200mAh battery ensures uninterrupted operation during treatments, providing you with reliable performance when you need it most.

6. 90° + 360° Light Source: The wand's unique design incorporates a 90-degree and 360-degree light source, guaranteeing comprehensive and even curing of dental materials from all angles.

7. Rapid Solidification (1 Second - 3mm): Achieve superior solidification in as little as 1 second with an impressive intensity of over 2000mW/cm². This quick solidification time enhances patient comfort and minimizes procedure duration.